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Senior FULBRIGHT Scholar

Professional Development Workshops: “Learning Disabilities: Differentiation, Identification, & Strategies,” Qatar University.

  • Guest Lecturer: “Communicating With and About People with Disabilities.” College of Pharmacy.
  • Professional Development Workshops: “Universal Design Learning for the Diverse Classroom: Teaching Students in the Digital Age!” 4th Annual Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Education, College of the North Atlantic and the Supreme Council of Information and Communication Technology.
  • Continuing Education for Healthcare Providers: “What Every Healthcare Professionals Should Know About Learning Disabilities.” Qatar Rumailah Hospital to physicians, nurses, therapists, and educators.
  • Research Seminar: “Self-Determination for People with Disabilities.” College of Education.
  • Professional Development Workshops: “How do Students Learn Best: Brain Research on Knowledge, Depth, Intentions, Emotions.”
  • Research Inquiry: “Establishing a Research Agenda.” Department of Psychological Sciences.
  • Guest Lecturer: “Integrating University Design Learning and Assistive Technology for Educational Leaders.” College of Education, Department of Educational Leadership.
  • Professional Development for Qatar Regional Teachers. 

Senior FULBRIGHT Specialist

Professional Development at Zirve University

  • “What are Developmentally Appropriate Practices?”
  • “We Know How the Brain Works, But How Does It LEARN?”
  • “What You Think You Know: 5 Myths about Teaching and Learning.”
  • “If Critical Is So Important, Why is it so Difficult to Teach?”
  • “How Do Students with Learning Disabilities Really Learn?
  • “Students with Learning Disabilities: How do they learn?
  • “Hearing and Visual Impairment: Adaptions for teachers.”
  • “Early Math Learning: Red flag for math difficulties.”
  • “Communicating with and about People with Disabilities.”
  • “How Difficult Can learning Math Be?” Presentation for 3rd year math majors.


U.S. Department of State Speaker, Fulbright Hays

  • “Science Spectacular: Hands-on Science Modules on Fundamental Scientific Principals on Energy, Motion, Sound, Pressure, Light, Forces, and Electricity.” Sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Doha, Qatar in collaboration with the Qatar Scientific Foundation.
Honorable Visiting Scholar
  • Integrating Universal Design for the Diverse Learners
  • U.S. Trends in Special Education
  • Understanding How the Brain Works
  • International Trends in Special Education