Professional Profile

Professor and Program Coordinator of Special Education 

** Recipient of University Exemplary Faculty Award

  • Teaching upper-class elementary and secondary teacher-candidates—Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders; Southeast Asians; mainlanders

  • Program Coordinator, Special Education CAEP & AAQEP

  • Board of Directors, CEC (Council for Exceptional Children)

  • Founder & Executive Director, PACE (Parents as Advocates for Change in Education)

  • ESSA State Program Reviewer, US Department of Education

  • Advisory Council, Oxford Education Research Symposium

  • Principal Investigator, Harold K. L. Castle Foundation Grant, Hawaii

  • Senior Advisor, University Accessibility Advisory Council

  • Mentor faculty for Fulbright Applications

  • Professional-Chair, Community Children’s Council, Windward District, Hawaii DOE

  • University Competency Accreditation Committee, WASC

  • Speaker Bureau, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Association

  • Past-President, Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society

  • Collaborator, LDAH (Leadership in Disabilities & Achievement of Hawaii)—Office of Special Education (OSEP), U.S. Department of Education


Special Assistant to Vice Presidents on A.I.D.E.–Access, Inclusion, Diversity, Equity.

**504/ADA Compliance Officer

  • Chair the University Accessibility Advisory Council

  • Chair the University Diversity Committee

  • Serve as a resource to the President’s Council and key auxiliary teams in responding to emerging issues, exceptional cases, and challenges impacting campus’ ability to effectively carry out A.I.D.E. efforts.

  • Serve as an internal and external liaison in supporting and advocating for proactive policies, procedures and systemic improvements that remove barriers to students and employees.

  • Maintain policies to align with institutional, accreditation, and Federal regulations involving 504/ADA, Title IX, EEOC, and OCR.

  • Develop standardized incident management practices, including complaint reporting, investigation, conflict of interest, crisis management, grievance protocol, and discriminatory allegation involving students, faculty, and staff.

  • Develop and implement staff and faculty training in support of A.I.D.E. competencies and audit compliance initiatives.

  • Provide leadership, coordination, consultation, assistance, strategic oversight, and training regarding in all matters related to A.I.D.E.

  • Provide assistance to Disability Services and Human Resources in delivering reasonable accommodations to students and employees by ensuring policies and procedures meet required standards and legal guidelines.

  • Consult and train supervisors in formal and informal handling of discrimination complaints.

  • Collaborate with Human Resources and Equity and Title IX investigators to develop investigatory process that meets university policies and federal regulations.

  • Interpret policies regarding 504/ADA and other disability-related legislation with offices (e.g., Dean of Students Office, HR, Events & Outreach, Food Services, Risk Mgt, Facilities Mgt, Library, and Campus Planning)

  • Update the list of current 504 deficiencies in physical facilities. Work with auxiliary units on correcting barriers in facilities.

Education Specialist in Professional Development 
Fairfax County Government, Virginia
Department of Family Services, Office for Children & Institute for Early Learning

  • County Consultant, Curriculum Evaluation and Learning Outcomes

  • Complete evaluation of Early Childhood standards for county preschools

  • Provided training for county on research-based practices

  • Parent consultant and disability specialist

Associate Professor of Special Education 
Division of Education, Human Development & Social Sciences

** Recipient of Teacher-of-Honor Award, International Education Honor Society

** Excellence in Student Advising

** Speaker Specialist & Expert, appointed by the U.S. Dept. of State, Bureau of International Programs

  • Senior Fulbright Specialist—Turkey

  • Senior Fulbright Scholar—Qatar

  • Fulbright Hays Fellow—Qatar

  • First Honorable Visiting Scholar—Taiwan

  • Taught undergraduate elementary and secondary teacher candidates

  • Doctoral Faculty Advisor

  • Research advisor for graduate candidates in the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Chair, Faculty Senate Research

  • Chair, Senate Faculty Affairs

  • Chair, International Committee, Kappa Delta Pi, International Education Honor Society

  • Chapter President, International Education Honor Society

  • Chair, International Committee, Headquarters of Kappa Delta Pi

Senior Fulbright Scholar—Qatar

Senior Fulbright Specialist—Turkey

Fulbright Hays Fellow—Qatar

2014—Appointed U.S. Speaker Specialist on Disability by the Department of State Bureau of International and Information Programs

Associate Professor of Education Administration & Special Education 
Department of Professional Programs — Full Doctoral Rank

  • Taught graduate school administration candidates and teacher candidates—Majority Hispanics

  • Supervised doctoral candidates as Graduate Faculty

  • Co-Chair, First-Year Success Initiatives

  • Chair, University Technology Committee

  • Chair, University Code of Honor

  • Principal Author, Graduate Handbook, School of Education

  • Executive, Faculty Senate Secretary

Assistant Professor of Special Education (2003 – 2005)
Dowling College, New York

  • Taught graduate teacher candidates
  • Coordinator of the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE)