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When people first meet Barbara Hong, they often conclude that her life must have always been enriched. They assume she had loving, successful parents and all the support she needed to reach her goals. Nothing could be further from the truth. Hong’s path to an Ivy League university and beyond started in a filthy tenement in Singapore where she lived with an abusive father and an illiterate mother.

Dr. Hong is available for speaking engagements, interviews, and appearances. She is also happy to speak to reading and writing groups via telephone or Skype.

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Dr. Barbara Hong
Phone: 814.441.7200

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Dr. Hong obtained her Ph.D. and three Masters from Columbia University and is a three-time recipient of the Fulbright Scholar award. She is an international consultant, a recognized Teacher of Honor, and an appointed Speaker Specialist & Expert on Disability by the US Dept. of State. Hong has been a professor for more than 2 decades and is a licensed special educator, principal, and district administrator. Her research examines the self-determination of students and the ethic of caring.

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